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Technical Copywriter
Copywriting helps you clinch a sale when you’re not there to do it. When people visit your website, you aren’t there to personally greet them. When someone looks at your business card a few weeks after they meet you, how will they remember you?
Want to succeed?
Do you want:
. MORE conversions? .
. MORE sign-ups? .
. MORE clicks? .
It’s all about your C-O-P-Y.
Your COPY is what sells; it’s what gets people to READ your page/article/ad and ACT on it.
Bottom Line: your copy is EVERYTHING.

Writing technical papers that everyone can understand is an act that not everyone can do.
Operational manuals must be written so that the average person can understand them.
Your sales literature needs to be clear and concise that calls for a definite call to action.
Your product must conform to certain quality standards. The universal ISO 9001 standard is the most popular but it can be very tricky to navigate through.
If you manufacture anything you need proper test procedures to test your product before it hits the market.

All of the above factors also come under the heading of Business to Business copywriting (B2B)
We here at Discount E books can help you with all of this
• We are experienced B2B copywriters
• Written many “how to do” manuals
• Recognized By NRC for high quality documentation
• Written many easy to follow test procedures
• Maintained IISO 9001 quality manuals
• Worked on the electronic service bench for over 40 years.
• All of our work is fully researched and of the highest quality possible
• Guaranteed to increase your bottom line.
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