We are located in Steetsville (Mississauga) Ontario Canada (just west of Toronto)
The Goal of our  company is to provide Valuable Information  to our  customers at a economical  price in order to assist them succeed with a low operating budget
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Here at Discount E Books we can assist you in so many ways
• Web site set up and maintenance – We can design and maintain the perfect web site for you- allowing you to attend to the other Issues or running a business
• Produce high Quality content for publication either on your site or you could distribute separately
• Write articles that you could post in article directories to attract more customers
• Write white papers that describe the features and benefits of your product
• Produce a press release when something important happens with your organization and you can obtain free advertisement
• Produce social media post to keep your loyal cliental up to date with the company activities
• Training material for your staff to reduce production and testing time Increase your profit margin
• Maintain you Quality manuals – since the quality standard is constantly being upgraded you need to stay on top of the changes to maintain your ISO credibility
• Photos of your product to produce a top quality brochures or a catalogue that could be sent out to the general public.
• Write how to do manuals that your customers could purchase directly from your web site
• A frequently Asked Question page or self-help guides on your web site
WE have been in business since 2007 producing how to do manuals and over 40 years dealing with the various ISO quality standards on the electronic service bench.
The manuals we wrote and maintained were all accepted by NRC

Discount E books was founded in 2007 with the mission of assisting other business to operate more efficiently by providing information material at a lower cost.
We stated off with affiliate marketing –It was a good start but for pennies on the dollar it was better for us to produce our own material at a higher quality..
As the years progressed we learned the art of copy writing from AWAI specializing in the B2B market place producing emails, articles, press releases and Web site design and maintenance.

Our rates are reasonable – Our work is always high quality and your satisfaction is guaranteed.