We are located in Steetsville (Mississauga) Ontario Canada (just west of Toronto)
The Goal of our  company is to provide Valuable Information  to our  customers at a economical  price in order to assist them succeed with a low operating budget
Maximize Your marketing campagains
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Discount E Books was founded in 2007
We started with affiliate marketing selling other people’s products
We then transformed to writing “how to do manuals to help your business grow
Starting I 2013 we took the copywriters course from AWAI and perfected the B2B market.
With over 40 years on the electronic service bench I was  responsible to
*​​ maintain THE ISO Quality manuals, Accepted By NRC
*​Writing test procedures,
* produce​Training  and operational manuals.
​ We can now do the same for your company as a Freelance copywriter. Providing you with high quality content
There are hot links embedded in our information emails and websites that are still part of the original affiliate marketing. These products will only suplment the
​ information that we provide

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