We are located in Steetsville (Mississauga) Ontario Canada (just west of Toronto)
The Goal of our  company is to provide Valuable Information  to our  customers at a economical  price in order to assist them succeed with a low operating budget
Maximize Your marketing campagains
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Discount E Books have been writing e and publishing how to Manuals for 10 years to helping you succeed.
We are now actively involved with copy writing
On the consumer side utilizing the 4 P principle
On the business side or B2B marketing emphasizing the benefits of your product
On the technical side –on the electric service bench for 40 years – writing test procedures, product manuals, and maintaining the ISO 9001 quality manuals
Recognized by NRC as a ISO auditor

Our books sell for less than 50% of the suggested retail value to help you keep your cost down
P.S We have professional Writers, Photographers, and Artist on staff