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Article Marketing 
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Article Marketing 
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What is an article?
An article
• is a piece of writing usually intended for publication in a newspaper, magazine or journal
• is written for a wide audience, so it is essential to attract and retain the readers’ attention
• may include amusing stories, reported speech and descriptions
• can be formal or informal, depending on the target audience
• should be written in an interesting or entertaining manner
• should give opi
nions and thoughts, as well as facts
• is in a less formal style than a report

An article can
• describe an experience, event, person or place
• present an opinion or balanced argument
• compare and contrast
• provide information
• offer suggestions
• offer advice

Owning, running and maintaining an internet based business or a site needs articles. Plain and simple, everyone who has a site knows this.
Articles quench the thirst for information and knowledge of the people. Plus, the articles provides many other benefits for the site.
The benefits that articles provide are putting a site high in the ranking in search results of keywords and keyword phrases that pertains or are relevant to their site. They also provide attraction to website visitors when they are appreciated and is linked to your site from another site or newsletter. Articles provide for the increase of the confidence and trust levels of customers to your site and company.
Many articles are also beneficial to both company and its traffic. When the readers like the articles, they tell their friends, family and peers and recommend your site to them, providing for a larger volume of traffic. You get bigger sales if your traffic trusts and believes in you. Your product or services would be much easier to sell when they know you know what you are doing and talking about.
• Articles are very important to a site and to business.
• Articles are crucial and to keep ahead in the game, a site must have an article,

Many website owners would rather spend their time on something else, and unless you’re a big time company, you don’t have the necessary resources to use on a pool of article writers.
You can get good articles that have all the keywords and keyword phrases you need and people are looking for.
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