Your website is where your business resides -- it's like the headquarter of an offline company

Your website is the hub of your online business; it is the virtual representation of your company whether your company exists physically or not. When you are doing business online, people cannot see you physically like how they could if they were dealing with an offline company. Therefore, people judge you by your cover. This is where a good design comes in.

Computers are a way of life today no matter where you go you will encounter a computer..
You have set up a Business to either sell new computers or repair the existing ones
This is a very valuable service but are you reaching Your Market potential?
Since you are small company wouldn’t it be nice to play with the big boys?
In order to accomplish this you need –
• A good website design
• Good quality articles on your site
• A good email follow up series
• Newsletters to keep your existing clientele informed of your services
• Press releases to promote new products or services
• Email promotions
• Product manuals
• Case studies
• Plus a lot more
The problem is that the daily tasks of running your business you don’t have the time for a proper marketing campaign.
We at Discount E books can handle all of your marketing tasks for you such as
• Setting up and maintaining your web page
• Write High quality content That is SEO compatible
• Produce press release and email promotional letters
• Autoresponder follow up series
• Write product manuals for the average consumer
• Plus a lot more
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