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Casual and Action Photography

Professional  copywriting service:
Quality manuals
A good Quality manual will ensure acceptance in any ISO program. With trained ISO auditors on staff Discount E Books can assist you with maintaining your quality manuals and passing your audits every time.

Travel Documentation
 > Document with Pictures - capturing everyday activies
> Interview the locals - to uncover the hidden facts 
> produce High Quality content - describing the area in every detail 
Do It Yourself Manuals 
We have lot of do it yourself training manuals that you can purchase and attempt to do all the content writing for all your material ... But there is a time factor !
How to do Manuals 
Here a some simple tips or guidelines to assist you when you write your copy​
We at Discount E books are professional copywriters specializing In the B2B and the B2C market  
We have been in business since 2007 helping clients improve their business.
We produce only high quality content for all of your marketing needs
• Introduction emails
• Follow up emails
• Content writing for your web pages
• Social media posts
• Website design
• Effective call to action
• Plus much more

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