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Site review (Audit) (analysis)
The Ideal Website will stand alone and provide a substantial benefit to your Company
           How does you site rank in a goggle search?
            How easy is it to navigate through?
           Is it easy to scan for important information?
           Is it easy to make a purchase from your site?
           What type of Proof do you provide about your products?
           How informative is your Product Description?
           Do you have any annoying Vides or Audios on or site?
These are just a few Areas we look at when doing a site analysis.
We utilize a twenty one point check list to examine you entire site
For SEO optimization, good content , easy navigation, ease of payment .and how informative it is
After our Evaluation we will supply you with a written report of our finds with recommendation on how to improve the performance of your site
We have been trained to Do ISO Audit for large manufacturing companies therefore we know how to dig deep to get the best possible results
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